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IAJC Contact Information


Mark Rajai, Ph.D.

Office: (818) 677-5003
Email:  ude.1522975550nusc@1522975550iajar1522975550m1522975550California State University, Northridge


Philip D. Weinsier, Ed.D. 

Vice President, Journals and Conference Affairs
Office: (419) 372-0628
Email:  ude.1522975550usgb@1522975550wpili1522975550hp1522975550Bowling Green State University, Firelands

Philip D. Weinsier


Austin Cheney, Ph.D.

Vice President, Marketing and Sponsorship Affairs
Office: (217) 581-3226
Email: ude.u1522975550ie@ye1522975550nehca1522975550
Eastern Illinois University


Austin Cheney

Dale Rowe, Ph.D.
Vice President, Membership Affairs
Office: (801) 422-6051
Email: ude.u1522975550yb@ew1522975550or_el1522975550ad1522975550
Brigham Young University


 Rowe Dale
Marilyn Dyrud, Ph.D.
Chair, Journal Affairs
Office: (541) 885-1504
Email: ude.t1522975550io@du1522975550ryd.n1522975550ylira1522975550m1522975550

Oregon Institute of Technology


Marilyn Dyrud
Kouroush Jenab, Ph.D., P.Eng
Senior Adviser to the President
Office: (416) 454-9767
Email: ro.ee1522975550ei@ba1522975550nej1522975550
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


 Kouroush Jenab
Sam Khoury, Ph.D.
Chair, Marketing Affairs
Office: (919) 221-9125
Email:  ude.1522975550sneht1522975550a@yru1522975550ohK.m1522975550aS1522975550Athens State University