An Exclusive Global Consortium

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IAJC is a first-of-its-kind, global, umbrella consortium for academic journals, conferences, organizations, and individuals committed to advancing excellence in all aspects of technology-related education.

Through its unique from Conference-to-Journal-Publication concept, IAJC offers a rare opportunity for authors to submit papers to its globally-sponsored conferences and then be considered for journal publication in one of the organization’s growing list of member journals. In this multilayered review process, IAJC helps authors prepare, improve, and find the right journals for timely publication.


As we face the end of the first decade in the new millennium, we must come together to share ideas and resources so we can plan and create a better future for the next generation of students, faculty, and researchers. In the tight, competitive global markets of the 21st century, the leading companies in various industries have embarked on massive reorganizations, mergers, partnerships, and cutting-edge collaborative projects with their like-minded peers—including their rivals—primarily to survive but ultimately to grow.  These innovations are evident in the industrial world, including the creation of a Sky Team in airline industries, various mergers and partnerships in the telecommunication industry and many others.

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