International Association of Journals and Conferences

IAJC History

The International Association of Journals and Conferences (IAJC), was founded by Mark Rajai in fall of 2006. The purpose of this new association is to provide an umbrella organization for scholarly journals and conferences in the academic areas of engineering and technology. The success of the 2006 IJME-Intertech International Conference, which brought several journals and conferences together in a joint venue for the publication of scholarly work in engineering and technology education created excitement in academic communities around the world and provided the motivation to found this organization. The IAJC intends to serve as the premier organization for academic journals, conferences, organizations, and individuals committed to advancing excellence in all aspects of technology-related education.

There are many conferences held each year around the world offering authors the opportunity to publish in conference proceedings. Today, most colleges and universities require journal publication as the primary metric for faculty scholarship. Many authors, especially junior faculty, are not completely familiar with the journal publication process. The excessive timeline associated with traditional journal submission is a barrier for many faculty members. IAJC serves as a mentoring role, helping professionals find the right journal in their particular field for publishing their research and scholarly work.

IAJC offers its members, among many other benefits, a multilayer review process in preparing manuscripts for journal publication including helping authors find the best journal for timely publication. As we continue to build our organization, we encourage dedicated individuals to join us in this exciting endeavor.