International Association of Journals and Conferences

IAJC Membership Types & Fees

IAJC offers following type of memberships.

For Individuals:
Persons occupying or having occupied responsible positions in technology related education and other persons having a demonstrated professional interest in technology related education. They may come from within or without the academic environment. Dues: $129/year.  25% discount now!   $95.00 only.
Professional members who have retired from full-time employment. Dues: $49/year.
25% discount now!   $39.00 only.
Matriculated post-secondary students interested in technology related education as a career. Dues: $49/year.  25% discount now!   $39.00 only.
For Institutions:
US and International Academic Institutions:
Post-secondary schools in the USA and abroad that have at least one degree program in technology related education. Member schools may designate up to five persons to receive free individual membership—one for the dean/head, if he/she wishes to use it, and three to be assigned at the dean/head’s discretion. Dues: $499/year. 20% discount now!   $399.00 only.
For Corporate/Professional Associations:
For-profit businesses interested in technology related education or/and engineering that have 25 or more employees.  Member corporate may designate up to four persons to receive free individual membership. Large organizations that have multiple branches, divisions, or locations may, at their option, have independent memberships for any of them, each with full membership benefits, including representation to the Corporate Member Council, and each paying full dues. Dues: $499/year.  20% discount now!   $399.00 only.
Not-for-profit, non-governmental organizations interested in technology related education  that have 25 or more members. Association members have all the same benefits as Corporate members. Dues: $499/year.   20% discount now!   $399.00 only.