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IAJC Journals Publication Overview

The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF JOURNALS & CONFERENCES (IAJC) has many benefits all geared toward strengthening research skills and advancing academic careers. Journal publications are a vital part of academic career advancement.

The IAJC offers its members benefits specific to journal publications:

  • a multilayer review process in preparing manuscripts for journal publication including helping authors in finding the right journal for timely publication.
  • a global list of peer-reviewed, prestigious academic journals networked through IAJC.
  • an opportunity to submit up to two papers per calendar year period to be considered for publication in one of the growing list of member journals.

The IAJC Journals Editorial Board continually seeks new journals to add to the list of member journals. For the authors, the IAJC Journals Editorial Board simplifies the review process by assisting in selecting appropriate journals, performing initial reviews for formatting and organization, and forwarding selected papers to member journal editors for the full review process. This process is designed to enhance the development of papers and to increase the timeliness of publication.  For the member journals, the initial review process and careful matching of papers to appropriate journals will save editorial time responding to mismatched papers and allow more time to quickly review better suited papers.

To simplify the initial review process, the IAJC Journals Editorial Board uses the manuscript requirements of the International Journal of Modern Engineering, found on the website under the tab “submissions”.  Prospective authors should prepare manuscripts with careful attention to the formatting and organization requirements. During the initial review, the editorial board may determine that a paper requires more grammatical assistance than time allows. In these cases, the editorial board will recommend the use of a professional copyrighter to review and revise the paper. Feedback from the editorial board will be provided to the lead author for each paper submitted. After a paper is selected for submission to a member journal, the author should be prepared to meet the specific formatting requirements of that specific journal.